Magna Mater Financiae
Paperback reprint
December, 2014
June, 2013 – first release

Finally an entertaining and informative novel to understand the fundamentals of corporate finance. Follow the adventures of Emile, an ambitious young man who dreams of making a fortune and his three mentors, extravagant professors who shed an unforgiving look on their environment.

With this philosophical thriller, discover the mysteries of the most famous business school, HEC. With puzzles and mysteries, discover the secrets of the golden number.

Le business modèle du low cost
June, 2012 with Michel Santi

Couverture Low Cost 108 K

Outwit failure prognoses, get an insolent profitability while fighting with rudimentary means. This is the amazing feat accomplished by low cost companies. They have achieved remarkable successes, where the weak has triumphed of the strong, where David has brought down Goliath with a sling and a stone.