Ateliers and Serious Games


Globstrat is a business game. In this sophisticated and realistic business simulation, participants compete against each other for market share.

This provides a unique opportunity to:

  1. test one’s ability to formulate and implement winning strategies,
  2. analyze decsion-making processes both at an individual and team level.


The AKVAR workshops are run at the executive committee level in order to raise the collective performance. They are a direct and pragmatic application of Michel Fiol and myself’s research on performance management.

Fullness and emptiness workshop

This workshop is designed for managers who feel the need to broaden their consciousness when faced with a complex and difficult situation. This approach is particularly suited to situations where it is necessary to:

  • Stimulate creativity,
  • Find a third option to escape binary reasoning,
  • Extend the range of possibilities,
  • Break deadlocks,
  • Conduct smooth transformations.